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About Us

File Flatners helps organisations to increase information management efficiency, increase office space, reduce storage costs and reduce the risks associated with holding paper archives. Our document scanning services will make your archive more accessible and enhance your business, giving you an electronic filing cabinet at your fingertips.

Since it’s formation in 2004, File Flatners has developed successful working relationships throughout a wide range of industries around the UK. We are able to tailor our services to business of all size and pride ourselves on delivering the same high level of care every time.

Building on its foundations in the UK, File Flatners now has a new European base in Malta, offering the same quality service to the Maltese market.

‘Our aim is to provide an excellent service to our clients, and deliver all we promise, continuing to build on our strong reputation. We’re looking forward to the future and are excited about developing more successful relationships.’

John Munton, Managing Director


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