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Scan, Index, Retrieve

Personal collection of documents

File Flatners won’t involve third parties in document collection, so you know where your documents are and whom they are with at all times. The moment they are loaded on to our van they are covered by our indemnity insurance. Your documents are in safe hands.

Preparation of documents

Documents come to us in all conditions, some littered with post-it notes, some creased, and others with paper clips or staples. Our operations team ensures these are thoroughly prepared and ready to scan.

Scanning of your files

Our versatile scanners use intelligent technology to capture all data making sure nothing is missed.

Indexing of files

Index requirements are pre-determined from your brief, allowing you to choose the most effective format. Indexing is key when storing your documents electronically; it gives you access to fast and efficient retrieval of your documents.

Quality checks

All electronic files are put through a series of checks to ensure that File Flatners is satisfied with the quality of your product before storing it in a format of your choice.

Personal delivery of your electronic files

Once quality checks are approved, the scanned files are stored to CD/DVD, encrypted USB or secure online storage.

Your documents are returned or securely destroyed
Once you have approved the electronic files, File Flatners can arrange to have them securely destroyed and recycled. We can also arrange to return your original documents.

When the documents are destroyed, File Flatners will provide you with a certificate of destruction completing your legal audit chain.