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Scan, Index, Retrieve
So here it is… Our Top 10 Reasons to Scan
  1. Increase office space normally taken up with filing cabinets
  2. Remove storage costs and the overhead of holding large archives of paper
  3. Improve efficiency – saving time allowing you and your staff to retrieve files quickly and easily without ever leaving your desk
  4. Reduce paper duplication – no need to photocopy again
  5. Create a more user friendly working environment
  6. Disaster recovery – a smart way to protect your paper archive from fire or flood
  7. Document longevity – protecting your archive from natural degradation
  8. Legally admissible – all scanned documents comply with electronic evidence legislation
  9. Flexibility – let your own IT team incorporate the archive into your systems and set user access levels
  10. Reduce you carbon footprint – have your documents securely shredded and recycled