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Over the last nine years we have invested in the technology of our business to ensure full compliance and efficiency in dealing with client files and history.  In 2012 the final stage approached as we looked to get rid of over 50,000 sheets of client files and to ultimately add these into our own management information system. We approached a number of scanning providers where it became obvious that they had little or no experience of IFA business and were simply looking to use us as a test run (and charge us for it!)

The approach from File Flatners was completely the opposite, where they were answering our questions before we asked them! They fully understood the compliance issues we faced and ultimately gave us digital records we could not only integrate into our system but were catalogued in a way we wanted them to suit our business.

I found  dealing with File Flatners absolutely straight forward not only in the process but also the straight talking of John the MD. In simple terms John and his team delivered what they said they would do, on time, and the way we wanted it…what more can we ask for? Would I recommend File Flatners – YES is the simple answer.

David Frankland Managing Director

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Ringrose Grimsley Ltd Independent Financial Advisers